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About Us

Virginia Gray

Welcome to Sweet Dreams pet cremation. We are a small family business run by myself and my partner Paul. I grew up on a farm so animals have always been a big part of my life, it didn't matter if they were the farm animals, wildlife or my own pets I always cared and respected their needs, I often ended up being a foster mum to a sick or orphaned animal. Over the years I have had some wonderful pets, a guinea pig, a cheeky rat, an extremely lazy farm cat and a very special girl, my pet sheep who is still very dear to my heart.

Today I share my house with my partner Paul, my beautiful cat and two crazy Airedales.

We set up Sweet Dreams because up until now pet owners who live in and around Scarborough have not had a choice of a personal pet cremation service unless they are prepared to travel. At present if you wish to have your pet cremated the only option you have is to leave your pet at the veterinary practice and then wait a week or in some cases a fortnight before your pets ashes are returned which all adds to the sadness. Well now it's all changed, Sweet Dreams Pet Cremation can offer a personal and caring service to all pet owners, we will make sure that you get the care you deserve and we will make sure you receive your pets ashes back within 2-3 days. Our crematorium is professionally run, offering a caring welcome when you need us to be there for you.

We only offer INDIVIDUAL cremation

INDIVIDUAL cremation means that only one pet is placed in the chamber during the procedure so we can promise you that they are the genuine ashes of your pet. We are flexible in this troubled time as to how you wish us to help you.

We are completely independent of all veterinary practices, your vet may not automatically contact us so in the event of the loss of your pet, if you want us to take care of you and your pet it is important to make your wishes clear to your vet otherwise your beloved pet will go elsewhere.